Why I Love Budapest

People say that Budapest is among the most beautiful cities in the world and a great destination in Europe, which deserves a visit. Providing that you have time and are about to visit the capital of Hungary and the area of southern Hungary and you have one week for that, it would be nice to read this article, which will give you some ideas and clues what is there to be done and seen for the period of your stay. The city of Budapest is located on the two banks of the gently flowing Danube River, where on the west bank lies Buda part and on the east bank lies Pest part.  The city has seen a lot of historical battles and revolutions and it has plenty of historical sites that provoke the attention of the travelers. But it has more than that. Thus, you should better leave your comfortable Budapest apartment and head outside towards all the landmarks, sites, parks and nice entertainment areas of the city of Budapest. Note that the Hungarian capital is visited by almost three million tourists each year, thus a reservation in advance will save you troubles.

The places that definitely need to be seen in Budapest city are the building of the Neo-Gothic Parliament, where could be seen Saint Stephen’s Basilica and the Hungarian Crown Jewels; the other sites that should be mentioned are the Aquincum Museum and the Castle Museum, to mention just a numerous Budapest museums. It is curious to point out that the Castle Hill in the city of Budapest and the embankments of River Danube are included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.  Here are situated the former Royal Palace, the National Library, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Sandor Palace and the Matthias Church, which is seven hundred years old.

What Else?

The Pest district has its landmarks too, including the Heroes’ Square and the Millenary Monument, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the City Park. Also to be seen here are the Museum of Fine Arts, the Kunsthalle Budapest, the Castle Vajdahunyad and also the State Opera House. Not to be missed is the Statue Park with its interesting statues from the Communist era. In Budapest is also located the biggest synagogue in Europe, which is placed in the Jewish district and the third largest European church.

Now since you have enough days in Hungary to explore not only its capital but also the south part of the country, here are a few places that need to be mentioned. The first one is the lovely village of Szentendre where is located the ceramic museum Margit Kovacs, as well as the Esztergom religious center. Also to be visited is the Godollo area with the Royal Castle. Quite beautiful site that should not be missed is  Kecskemet with the lovely City Hall, as well as the lovely town of Szeged with its synagogue, the Romant Gothic Tower Domotor, the Gothic church and the cathedral, as well as the local University. Of course, you should not miss the impressive Balaton Lake as well.