Losing Weight In Your Face & Chest

So, I have been trying to lose weight for quite a while.  It’s not that easy, though I have been making study progress.  I first started about 3 years ago and initially lost about 40 pounds.  I was pretty dedicated.  I ate the same things every day and worked out about 5 times a week.  I loved seeing the changes in the body.  They were steady changes and were awesome!

After about 1 year I gained a bit of it back, maybe 8 pounds or so.  Not a big deal right?  Well, now I am trying to really get ripped.  Even the fat on my face was annoying me.  When I searched online for how to lose face fat I didn’t find much, though I did find one site called Enformy that really opened my eyes to face exercises and proper dieting. 

So now I am lifting weights 5 times a week.  Seems like alot right?  Well, I only lift for about 30-40 minutes per day because I work one body part every day. Here is my routine:

Monday:  Chest

Tuesday:  Shoulders

Wednesday:  Back

Thursday:  Arms

Friday:  Legs

Then I do cardio at night.  I usually try to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, sometimes up to an hour if I have the energy.  I have been using the elliptical machine alot lately.  It’s really fun!  On that machine I can usually go for an hour.

Lately my running has been pretty good too.  I run between 2 and 3 miles, and sometimes do sprints as well.  That is pretty good stuff.

My diet is pretty boring though, and I do love to eat.  In the morning I’ll eat oatmeal or eggs with toast.  After I workout I’ll have a protein shake and then maybe a sandwich a bit later.   Almost every day I have chicken with veggies too.  Once you start to eat the same every day, you get used to it.  Once I start to see results, it really gets me motivated!

When my friends ask me how to get started, I just tell them to start by cutting out sugar from their diet and do that for a month.  You would be surprised how much that can help.  Sugar is DEADLY in my opinion, and not only will you lose weight but your health with greatly improve as well!

Get Fit Dude!

I was having lunch yesterday and there was a woman with her children eating at the table in front of me.  I woman looked to be about 45 or 50…not too old but not very young either.  She looked pretty, until I saw her a little bit up close.

It was so obvious that she had a crazy amount of work done on her face, it was actually quite gross.  I don’t understand how women can do that to themselves and think it’s nice.  It’s not nice!  It’s actually awful and the women I see with this look absolutely horrible.

So if you are women in your elder years, and you are reading this, please do not go to the doctor and get Botox or anything like that done.  It’s really terrible, and you will look awful.  Trust me when I tell you this.  My mother does facial exercises as demonstrated on Face Fitness Center and she look really great, so I don’t see why you can’t do something like this.

Even natural face masks with avocado and yogurt and stuff like that can work OK.  But when you look like someone pulled up your skin, and your skin or muscles of your face don’t move at all when you smile, then it’s quite clear you have had work done.  And I will repeat again…you don’t look good!

How about trying some good old exercise?  That stuff does wonders for you!  And eat right too!  Ever actually feel great from eating a great diet or something like a raw foods diet?  It’s awesome because you really do feel the difference.

I used to eat like crap!  Junk food and chocolate and chips all teh time!  Then I started eating only whole, fresh food and you wouldn’t believe how much my energy went up.  It was amazing to feel the difference.

Recently Tried Out Some Oil From Morocco

For centuries people have been using Moroccan oil. No one can deny the natural healing ability of this oil type. When the climate is dry and you can feel the hotness your hair too can feel the same. This is the time it has to get the best protective shield and this is where the Moroccan oiling has a good role to play. It can easily remove the dryness from the hair and make it feel so soft and shiny. This has been the most trusted oil for years and once you start using the ingredient you know that it will be the best in all hair related issues.

This time you must not allow your hair to get damaged as you can make the magic happen with Moroccan Oil. There cannot be a real substitute for this one. The oil is highly effective and when it is being rightly applied you can really feel that difference in the hair condition. It is not meant to make your hair greasy. The aim of the oil is to make your hair silky. The product is immensely versatile and this is reflected from the quality of the oil itself. Once you start using the product you would be obliged to continue with the application.

On the other hand the Krill Oil is known to come with actual health benefits. This one is a brilliant replacement of the fish oil.

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